Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gandolf's castle of wizardry

Kurt and I express true feelings about a great many things--the intollerable climate of the mid-west, this monstrosity of architecture, and stressful moments of indecision.


Blogger Shara J. Harper said...

JENNI JENNI JENNI: when were you freakin' in St. Louis and why didn't you freakin' call me I am only like 3 hours from ST. LOUIS!!! I love your posts....your pics are priceless...I miss your stinkin' jo-mama-dolphin GUTS and all of your fabulousness...we must chat! Your world is always an adventure...I'm still in Kentucky, recovering from my rare blood disease and Trevor started back to school TODAY so we're two crazy students getting by on love....pure cheese. I'm PURE CHEESE. I LOVE YOU!

1:07 PM  

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