Wednesday, November 05, 2008


(Ghost skeletons. Freaky.)

Trolloween has been my Halloween tradition for 2 years running. It is very Seattle. People gather at the Freemont troll and parade through the streets in their costumes following a group of skeleton drummers. There is sporadic performance art and dancing, but I go for the drummers and costume watching.

Chris and Hope, legendary lumberjacks, joined us for the celebration. Stephanie's costume takes some explaining, but the cardboard tube is an essential part.

I thought Steph could use a whip cream mustache to complete her kid costume.

Tom received the most attention. I guess people recognized the Seattle icon and crowds of people would stop him to take his photograph.

Presenting Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything.

Dave is Monkified.

Joseph and Amy came as hip Seattle people wearing warm hats.


Blogger Tom said...

Seattle people love warm hats more than any other people I've run across.

1:44 PM  

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