Monday, December 01, 2008

Cruise ship day.

Wandering down to the docks in the morning you will find a strange emergence of people from an alien planet. The come on these pod-like ships.

People in yellow shirts and safari hats await their arrival by the dozens.

Then thousands of people head down the gauntlet of ugly tourism tchotchkes.

They come equipped with cowboy hats and suspenders. Usually white socks and velcro sandals are involved.

Everyone is protected by a bright yellow sticker that lets all of the vendors know they are there for a day and easy money. I didn't have on a yellow sticker so for once I wasn't even approached about buying bracelets or drugs.

And my favorite of all favorites is the classic fanny pack and sun hat combo.

If the fanny pack is mixed with a visor, even better.

At the end of the day, people head back to their pods loaded with valuable goods. I can think of so many uses for that sun burst wall hanging. I bet they also have a ship in a bottle and a carved wooden swordfish in that bag.

More boat riff-raff.

I found these thugs fresh off the boat in Cabo. These are my relations and they are all getting fanny packs from me for Christmas.


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