Saturday, May 09, 2009

28th Birthday Belated Blogging

In April I turned 28. A decidedly good thing for many reasons, including two surprise strawberry tarts from two amazing people. Stephanie and Becky have super power senses to read my mind.

I was shocked at all of the ways people celebrated with me... all forms of technological messaging such as phone calls, singing voicemails, facebook messages, emails, texts, plus parties, gifts, cards... even ones sent and received in my actual tangible mailbox. Whoa. Where did all of these nice people come from and why are they being so nice to me?

Last year my birthday included a hike in the Himalayas and a surprise party with Tibetan Monks, so I wasn't expecting the flood of excitement from all of my friends and family to seem so epic. But a meal at the Indian Bistro not only brought back the memories and excitement of last years adventures, but made me realize there are some pretty radical things happening at 28.

And, I have to mention the talent show, which happened to fall on my birthday where some fabulous people performed... I think just for me. Okay, they were competing for glory, but I thought it was for me.

Thanks everyone for celebrating with me in April!

**Steph, I would have posted pictures from the surprise party, but it seems I was enjoying it so much I have none!


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