Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seattle Scenics

As many of you know, I am moving to California at the end of the summer. I just returned from visiting Palo Alto in search of housing and after seeing a lot of overpriced and run down apartments (where a functioning washing machine in the yard counts and being modern and updated), I thought I should pay tribute to this city that has been a good home to me for many years. To be clear, I am more than excited to be moving... explosively so. But in case anyone is suffering from "the grass is always greener on the other side," I should remind you that actually the grass is literally greener in Seattle because CA is brown at this time of year.

The following scenics are from just one summer stroll in Seattle...

Exhibit A. Friends gathered at the beach for a BBQ on a sunny evening. When it is nice here, it is *nice*.

Exhibit B. Colorful boats. The kind without crazy fast motors pulling people doing aerials with guys saying, "dude, did you see that?"

Exhibit C. Lots of moody places to walk to while contemplating which Thai restaurant to eat at.

Exhibit D: Large structures. This is the marina, but the industrial district and shipping yard is unmatched in intrigue.

Exhibit E: The previously mentioned marina in Ballard.

Exhibit F: Little Coney. Nothing like a burger or fish and chips sitting near the Puget Sound.


Blogger Sharalea said...

Leaving Seattle!?!? I was *JUST* thinking that I would be able to hook up with you when I visit my bro who is living there now...(no current plans, but future visiting dreams)...ahhhh...California beckons for the Jenni girl. Good luck with the move, the home hunt, etc. I'd love to hear more about your adventures...:) besitos.

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