Saturday, July 04, 2009

I got my haircut today at a place called Ten Pachi. I was originally drawn to them because of their modern decor, fabulous online booking tool, and the highly boasted laptop bar while you wait. However, when it comes to haircuts, for some reason I always walk away feeling like they are trying to send me back to the 1980's. My last haircut had a giant poof on the side, which wasn't asked for, just a gift they bestowed upon me that took a year to grow out. So this time I went hoping to remedy the situation. After making the same mistake today, I realize that the issue is when they pull out the "texturizer" I need to say "no." Texturizer (that freaky razor tool) + my hair = giant poof. They didn't even bother to dry my hair, they just sent me out the door with a wet head and super lack of style. After getting home, I spent some time straightening it out and I think I have it under control.

Pre haircut.

Post haircut.


Blogger Tom said...

Definitely under control - it looks great!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Berry Family said...

Your hair looks great! I love the layers and dare I say that you are one sexy lady! ohh la la

8:49 AM  

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