Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Part I - Yosemite

An impromptu Labor Day weekend adventure took me to Yosemite for the first time. We drove to Fresno late on a Friday night, slept for minimal hours, then woke up early so we could hike Half Dome--a 16 mile trek that fortunately resulted in zero deaths.

Half Dome is a mountain up on top of the mountain. You have to hold onto cables and use wooden planks for traction, hordes of people do it, some have faced their demise, and I am surprised the park even allows it. I felt in control while climbing, but the fact that there is no backup for user error made me question the decision. Many water bottles and even a camera bounced down the face of the steep grade, and let's just say they are no longer with us.

Getting pumped for the ascent. Wearing leather gloves in the wilderness makes you totally hard core.

Katherine finishes the descent unscathed. (This is the less steep part at the bottom where we weren't terrified to take out our cameras.)

Katherine naps on top of Half Dome.

Kim lifts off on the sub dome.

Michelle, a ray of glory and delight on no dome.

Jenni, a sweaty mess zapped back to the 70's.

If you are going to wear the boots, you have to own it. Socks pulled up for emphasis. I think some prayed we would survive the hike, I was praying I wouldn't get a tan line.

Revived from lunch.

Taking in the scenery before the sun went down. Headlamps = don't leave home without one.


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wow.nice.i like if i were there.

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