Sunday, December 04, 2005

Madam Becky and the magic flute.

You should try it, spinning really does make you happy.

There she goes mutating again.

A special request was made to see more of the masterworks. This one is entitled "Accessories" because the artist was more drawn to the shimmery pink dress, jewels, and hair, minimizing the details of the face. It is deep and poetic. (Charcoal and colored chalk on notebook paper.)

"Second attempt." (Pen and ink on notebook paper.)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Girls day out. Guys just can't compete.

New idea for the holidays. Buy a harnass for the ones you love to keep them close.

Heather shows REI who's boss.

You know she's going to be in the next totally-dynamic-girl-power-action-flick. Or the sequel to Punky Brooster.

Defying gravity.

December 2005 Black Diamond harnass convention--new marketing technique.

Ladies and gentlemen..."The Darling Buds of May."

Darling bud gone platinum.

Master of the dark arts and alien sculpting.

And just because I know you wanted to see this a second time.

At "the school for kids that don't read good and do other things good too," Emily created a sculpture full of social commentary. Go ahead and ask her what the guy on the couch represents.

This is the face of someone about to create a masterpiece.

Self portrait. (Goodrich, this should say "I took three hours to finish the shading on my upper lip.)

Self portrait. (Not any better.)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Traditional stick tree, a step up from Charlie Brown.