Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some of the house guests left the condo yesterday so Steph and I upgraded our level of comfort.

Then we decided to downgrade it.

Victim of cholera.
Riddle. What does Mexico have that Seattle doesn't?

Answer. A giant peacock.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another hard days work at the beach.

Our academics have stretched to the pool. I finished book #1 in the hot tub this afternoon and started #2, and #3 by this evening.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year included a morning walk on the beach. A swim in the ocean. Followed by a swim in the pool. Followed by a swim in the hot tub. Followed by alternating between pool and hot tub.

All made possible because of my friend in relaxation (Stephanie) and the hospitality of Club Cascadas.

We napped on the beach in the afternoon and read our books.

I ate fresh tortillas, which are like candy, and a good precursor to our thanksgiving feast.

In the late afternoon, Steph and I proceeded to make an entire Thanksgiving dinner in the condo. Turkey included. We even used the turkey drippings to make gravy and flavor the stuffing. I felt officially thankful and showed my thankfulness by a final swim in the pool and hot tub before going to bed.
My favorite image from my recent trip to Utah to visit Jared's family and to do some editing on my India documentary.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day

Aaaw yeah!

It wasn't the suspense I thought it would be as victory seemed evident early on. But a win is a win and it feels historic.


(Ghost skeletons. Freaky.)

Trolloween has been my Halloween tradition for 2 years running. It is very Seattle. People gather at the Freemont troll and parade through the streets in their costumes following a group of skeleton drummers. There is sporadic performance art and dancing, but I go for the drummers and costume watching.

Chris and Hope, legendary lumberjacks, joined us for the celebration. Stephanie's costume takes some explaining, but the cardboard tube is an essential part.

I thought Steph could use a whip cream mustache to complete her kid costume.

Tom received the most attention. I guess people recognized the Seattle icon and crowds of people would stop him to take his photograph.

Presenting Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything.

Dave is Monkified.

Joseph and Amy came as hip Seattle people wearing warm hats.

Halloween '08

After much deliberation, I finally decided on my Halloween costume this year. I had ideas to depart for my secret (yet not so secret) desire to be involved in a conspiracy, but in the end my destiny was calling to me.

Happy Halloween. You might just get assassinated.

This is the most necessary item to cross the line from tramp to hard core militant.

Guns (even if they are from the dollar store) make people fear you. Plus, you can practice your sweet moves.

You may think this isn't much variation from my costume last year as a double agent, but being an assassin is totally different. Assassins annihilate double agents.

Zina's 3rd Birthday.

Fortunately, my nieces can't read yet... so they were good helpers preparing for the birthday party.

Zina and Avery are very proud of their coloring.

I constructed a three room fort for Zina's birthday present. Apparently, the girls like to walk over to my grandparents patio and pretend it is their house and sleep on the flower boxes. So I decided to make a little renovation.

It is surprising what you can do with a box. If you don't believe me, see what Michael Gondry has been up to in this article from the onion.

I guess it is pretty fun to be in a box.

Elsie Jane

I recently met my new niece, Elsie Jane.

Kurt returns...

I went home to Idaho to visit my brother, Kurt, who just returned home from serving a mission in Mexico City.

The first time everyone in the family has been together in years. We decided to document it.

Becky, Charlie, Grams, and Grandpa were all there. These people are super rad.