Monday, December 18, 2006

Yep, that's a gnome. I was accused of not having the Christmas spirit so I thought I would oblige with some decor.

Yes, I have many gnomes.

This is my Charlie Brown tree consisting of rosemary, berries, and other branches stolen from a yard not of my own. Please pay special attention to my second-hand nativity. And if you look really closely you will see that I am not using a vase, but rather a green glass 1970's pitcher. Oh yes, now I have the Christmas spirit.

Tri-Ward Extravaganza

I thought I would finally move past halloween and post pictures for the new season. The "Darling Buds" had a revival performance at our Christmas party.

These are the estimated 300 people that really turned out to be only half that.

Behind the scenes you will see Stephanie, heaven sent...helping all night in the kitchen. Why is she smiling?

Instead of having an actual slice of ham from one of the 15 hams, Jacob decided to gnaw on a ham bone. We ONLY had around 5 - 7 hams left over. I tried to convice him we could spare a piece.

Ta-da. We fed them all and with only half of the food left over. Notice behind me...those left overs are after everyone had thirds and that is not even all of it.