Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I rode my bike along the Burke Gilman and picked blackberries along the way. I stopped as Gasworks Park to see what people do on a sunny day in Seattle. Apparently, they do a lot. I wish I owned a kite and I wish that I had tresspassed so that I could explore the industrial scenery. I also wish I would have picked the blackberries after I played at the park because they were a little soupy by the time I made it home and put them on ice cream. I'll make a note of that for next year when we have another sunny day (we get one a year).

Golf Champion

When you retire you get to become a golf member and win the club championship. Then everyone calls to congratulate.

Becky wins bling--DIAMONDS.

I have bling coming out of my head. It's called the sun.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Faces of the Reunion

Mary Kate and Ashley twins. Okay, Tavia and Jacey.

That frog didn't have a long life expectancy.

A carriage ride.

Yes, that is a pony.

Water balloon volleyball.

A secret.

A popsicle stick in the ear feels nice.

Tormenting the photographer...but she likes it.

And Lara's just doin' her thang.

Tent city is located in my Grandma's back yard. That is where the unruly ones had to stay.

We don't camp very far from home, and we always have the best in cinema. Notice the phat speakers and rear projection. (By the way, this particular photograph was taken on the Sony A1U.)

Pixar presents The Incredibles. A private screening for the Nelson family.

This is how we roll.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lizza taught that jet ski a lesson. That jet ski taught Lizza a lesson.

If this doesn't spell tough, I don't know what does.

Soon after, this jet ski terrorized the waters.

This is actually a campground. You can set your tent up on irrigated grass, which goes right up to the dock. Next door there is an indoor pool that is heated from a natural hot spring, with high and low diving boards, a water slide, and a suspended log. Not the worst place for a family reunion.

Sweet shades.

Zina has already perfected the art of smiling for the camera. She feels pretty cool in her shades.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My dream boy is on this boat collecting cyanobacteria samples. And this is the baja not the sound.

She is known to some as the crododile hunter. Actually, Steph, I wish you were wearing khaki shorts and driving a yellow jeep...theme Jurassic Park.

Just a reminder that not all camping is bad. (However, I am not showing the picture of the group of 50 and a tent colony reminding us that we were not actually in "nature.")

This is pretty much the largest piece of drift wood I have ever seen.

Anyone who has seen Stephanie has also seen this. (By the way, I like how the pebbles coordinate with Steph's sweater tied around her waste. I think this will be key for the fall color scheme. Just you wait.)

Next thing you know, Stephanie will be rock climbing with me.

Lisa likes camping. Except for the part about the dirt, bugs, and not being able to shower. She's a trooper.